Who We Are


Our mission is to provide individuals and families with affordable housing solutions that will be impactful enough to transform lives for the better.


Beacon 360º Management will be an industry leader in the management and development of affordable housing. We will accomplish this by creating an environment of excellence in customer service and a commitment to establishing progressive and sustainable communities.



We act responsibly. We are aware that our actions and decisions affect others. We hold ourselves accountable for maintaining structured and ethical operations that effectively manage risk.


We will be experts in our fields and cutting-edge industry leaders by educating our staff on changes to company and government policy. We will utilize creative and innovative strategies to empower our communities.


We understand the importance of our work and the trust our communities have in us. With this in mind, we strive to excel in every aspect of our business and approach every challenge with a determination to succeed.


We work together to provide service with integrity. We will be straightforward and fair in all of our interactions with a goal of making our company stronger.


Our communities are comprised of diverse populations. We serve a variety of needs including individuals and families with a heads of household 62 years of age or older, individuals and families with a head of household who is handicapped or disabled, and families with children who have a need for affordable housing.


Celia Kendall serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Beacon 360° Management. Celia is a property management executive with over 15 years of experience in the principal level management of federal housing contracts.

Ms. Kendall is experienced in both housing operations as well as regulatory compliance management for a multitude of federal and state housing programs. Under the guidance of our board of directors, and support of dedicated executive directors and staff, Ms. Kendall has successfully grown the portfolio to $38 MM, accomplished the highest performing multi-family property award from the US Department of Housing & Urban Development, exceptional inspection reviews 100% of the time, as well as received REAC scores of 97% or higher on Management Occupancy Reviews each year.

Celia Kendall
Chief Executive Officer


The people, with the passion, make the plan possible.

Lisa Bennett
Chief Operating Officer

David Phillips
Director of Accounting and Finance

Julia Edwards
Director of Asset Management

Samantha Quick
Director of Compliance

Robert Wilson
Human Resources Manager

Tricia Fowler
Accounts Payable / Controller

Vickey Beck

Vera Burrow
Accounts Payable