Did You Know?

10,344,900 low-income households pay more than half their income for rent, 12% higher before the recession. Who are these households?

Households With Children
Elderly Or Disabled Households
Working Households

Transition to Excellence

Since 2001 Beacon 360° Management has positioned itself as an industry leader in affordable housing management and development.

Passion for People

Beacon 360° Management is a 501(c)4 non-profit company that was organized exclusively around the idea of advocating social welfare; driven by individuals who are passionately ensuring affordable housing and supportive services are available.

Management & Development

A proven industry leader specializing in the management and development of affordable housing programs and services for individuals and families who need it most. Our services transform properties into communities.

Committed to Excellence

We are committed, as an organization, to excellence in all of our endeavors. Our core values, Responsibility, Knowledge, Excellence, and Honesty are what ultimately help us exceed our clients’ and partners’ expectations.